Print Leasing

What is ;

For a fixed fee for the use of the equipment and a charge per printed page, we provide you the professional printing equipment (usually brand new and unused) that you need to fully meet the needs of printing, copying, scanning and faxing. e. The charge includes all costs of spare parts and consumables including toner (or ink), except copying paper and staples (where you provide a stapling unit).

The main difference with rental in contracts of this type is that in addition to the fixed charge per month they also have a predetermined duration usually varies from 24-36 months with the right to purchase the equipment with a small predetermined price at the expiration, right to retain or not the technical support contract but also the possibility for a request for withdrawal (at a predetermined price) and replacement with a new one renewing the contract


Why Leasing…?

  • Avoid disbursing a significant amount for the purchase of fixed equipment with long-term depreciation.
  • You have almost zero management costs price control – quality – order – transport – storage of consumables.
  • In case your printer is not repaired in a reasonable time, we provide you with a corresponding machine capable of meeting your needs for as long as needed without additional charge.
  • You no longer have to worry about Maintenance consumables, off-schedule breakdowns, spare parts and all technician visits; all of these are included in the “Cost Per Copy.

Why With Us…?

  • We provide machines from selected companies of proven quality and durability (SHARP, CANON, KYOCERA, BROTHER etc)
  • Our experience in the field of professional printing guarantees the smooth operation of the equipment we provide, with more than 600 printers in rental or leasing status throughout Crete.
  • The printing of the prints is done as a function of the measurements automatically in the ERP program that we use for absolute transparency and to avoid mistakes.
  • For all MFP’s series we provide we have a sufficient stock of spare parts and consumables so that we are able to immediately repair any damage.
Print Leasing
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